Buy High-Quality Soda Chargers Online in New Zealand

Jun 16 , 2021

Prabhjeet Singh

Buy High-Quality Soda Chargers Online in New Zealand

Soda Chargers let you carbonate your cocktails, drinks, juices, in the comfort of your home. The chargers are perfectly created to work with soda dispensers and are double-checked for quality testing to work safely. They are small, handy, and easy to store without any expiry date.

You can enjoy invigorating and sparkling soda water whenever you wish, all you have to do is order online from Whip World. And use them for carbonating all types of drinks.

Soda Chargers FAQs

What are soda chargers?

Soda Chargers are made with CO2 gas and recyclable steel (check recycling rules with your local authority). They are used to carbonate water, fruit juices, in commercial food industries and homes for fizzy refreshments.

Where to buy soda chargers in New Zealand?

You can buy soda chargers in New Zealand from Whip World. We are one of the trusted stores with an extended range of high-quality products.

Are soda chargers the same as cream chargers?

No, both the chargers are filled with two different gases. Soda chargers have CO2 gas that is used for producing carbonated water and cream chargers contain NO2 gas that creates whipped cream for decorating food items. It is advised to use them carefully, and separately.

How to use soda chargers?

Fill the bottle with cold water, screw the charger holder with the embedded soda charger. Shake it and enjoy the fizz.

Can you recycle soda chargers?

Most likely, please check with your local authority.