Soda Charger: What are Soda Chargers used for?

Apr 06 , 2021

Prabhjeet Singh

Soda Charger: What are Soda Chargers used for?

Two types of gas-filled chargers are used in food preparation, cream chargers and soda chargers, and people often tend to get confused between the two, as they are physically identical. Here we intend to make you aware of their use and differences through our informative guide below.

What are Soda Chargers?

Modern advancements have worked wonders for making the difficult and time-consuming tasks of food preparation quick and easy. A wide variety of tools and equipment, such as soda chargers, are used both in households and commercial industry. They have become popular because of how easy they are to use. They are gas cylinders filled with pure carbon dioxide, which are used with the soda siphon for preparing carbonated water.

Not just convenient but soda chargers are also inexpensive in comparison to other pricey methods of carbonating water. To no surprise, they have become a popular alternative to soda machines. Additionally, these innovative devices are compact and take up less space and demand easy and less maintenance.

How are Soda Chargers used?

The process of using this appliance is easy for which you require the following items – a soda charger, a soda siphon or seltzer bottle and water or any fluid that you wish to carbonate. After putting the fluid and soda charger into the seltzer bottle, start releasing gas until you see carbonation throughout the bottle. When it stops emitting fizzling sound or bubbles, you can determine that the charger is empty. Don’t forget to shake the bottle a few times to ensure an even spread of carbonation.

What is the Difference between Soda Chargers and Cream Chargers?

The main difference between these two gas-filled chargers is the gas, which is pure carbon dioxide in soda chargers and nitrous oxide in cream chargers. CO2 is used with soda siphon for creating a carbonated drink, and nitrous oxide gas in the cream chargers helps produce voluminous whipped cream.

Cream chargers work well with whipped cream dispensers and cream whippers also. As the difference lies inside and both types of chargers look identical on the outside, it is but natural to be confused between the two. The best way to prevent any sort of confusion is to store both the chargers separately and also label them.

Difference between Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide

Not just soda and cream chargers but even the gases in them (carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide) sometimes are confused for one another. If you also happen to make the same mistake, then be ready for an odd tasting soda or whipped cream. Both the gases are different from each other, so they are not going to produce the same effects.

CO2 is more expensive in comparison to nitrous oxide, and you can taste it. While having a carbonated drink, you can tell it is bitter and has a different taste. Carbon dioxide can also harm the environment when used in plenty in commercial settings; however, using it at home or in your small business isn’t a major environmental concern.

Also known as the laughing gas, nitrogen oxide is one of the least expensive out of all the gases available for commercial use. With no taste or smell, nitrogen oxide is hard to detect. If used the right way, it is also not toxic or harmful for us and is used in consumable products like whipped cream. However, its wrong use can have many health issues.

How long do Soda Chargers last?

Besides enquiring what are soda chargers, people ask questions like for how long they last. Well, they are one-time use items. Once you release all their CO2 to make carbonated water or drink, you cannot use them again. You can buy them in large packs (say a pack of 10) if you intend to use them more often at home.

This can be an expensive investment in the long run, but you do have alternatives to soda chargers. You can go in for carbonator and soda machines, but these are good for big commercial purposes. They are big and heavy, unlike small and convenient ones used at home.

Where to Buy Soda Chargers in New Zealand?

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