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Whipped Cream Dispenser: How to use It

Jun 16 , 2021

Prabhjeet Singh

Whipped Cream Dispenser: How to use It

For all the cream lovers out there, pay attention to this. If you like your whipped cream with an even texture, perfectly laid out, foaming, and beautiful, you must be aware of whipped cream dispensers. Whipped cream dispensers come with a whipped cream charger and honey that can change your whipped cream game forever if you use it the right way. Whipped cream dispensers have issues that look tricky for sure, but once you get acquainted with them, there is no going back to whippers and blenders because that texture will drive you crazy. So here is a guide that will help you achieve the perfect whipped cream every single time by sharing how a whipped cream dispenser works.

  1. First things first, your dispenser has to be clean and dry if you want to make the most out of it. Start by placing the desired tip on the top of your dispenser. Ensure your tip/nozzle is connected properly to the head for a desired discharge of the whipped cream.
  2. Now it's time for some input, but be careful and put your dispenser on a flat surface. When you refill your dispenser cream, and other flavorings like sugar, syrup, or essence, make sure you don't cross the line. The line we are talking about here is the marking that indicates the maximum capacity of your dispenser. You should never cross it if you want that perfect fluffy cloud of cream over your dessert and shakes.
  3. Now, after filling it with the desired ingredients, the next step is to place your dispenser head and NO2 cartridge in place. This one is a tricky step as you have to re-attach the dispenser head and place the whipped cream discharger inside. This step pretty much involves the core of how a whipped cream dispenser works. You have to screw the charger on the head of the canister/dispenser by turning clockwise. Once you do that correctly, you will hear a hissing sound that indicates the gas release. If you don't hear it, you need to do it again.
  4. Your frappuccino, pancakes, or waffles with whipped cream are just a few steps away. Now all you have to do is shake it out. So flex those muscles and shake the dispenser properly around 15 times. You have to give it a good shake to make sure the ingredients are well blended up with each other to give you an even texture.
  5. Now turn it upside down or what you say 180-degree direction to ensure proper dispense. It is time to shoot it, pull the trigger and press the lever. Boom! Your foamy cloud of cream is here to melt in your mouth and make your drinks and desserts even more heavenly. Pro tip: If the cream comes out to be runny, give it a good shake again to achieve that perfect texture.
  6. Do not forget the cleaning part of the good life of your whipped cream dispenser. Discharge the remaining gas pressure in the sink. Detach the parts and clean them using cold water and soap. Make sure you dry them out completely before the next use.