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Buy Soda Dispensers Online in New Zealand

Add the perfect fizz to your favourite drinks with our soda chargers and enjoy fresh and sparkling soda water whenever you wish. Buy ISI soda chargers filled with pure carbon dioxide gas and manufactured in Austria.

This odourless and colourless gas does not contain any salts or minerals. And that makes it a perfect ingredient for adding fizz to your beverages.

Additionally, these chargers are made of 100% recyclable steel* but cannot be refilled. They are safe to use and handy to store wherever you want.

You can get the soda dispensers from Whip World too.

Soda Chargers FAQs

What are soda chargers?

ISI soda chargers contain pure CO2 gas. You can use it to carbonate different beverages in the kitchen, at parties, and in the food industry.

Are soda chargers the same as cream chargers?

No, not at all, both are different and have individual usage. Soda chargers have CO2 it produces carbonated water, whereas, the cream chargers are filled with NO2, which makes whipped cream.

How to use soda chargers?

If you buy a soda dispenser online, we advise you to be careful and follow the instructions. They work best with cold water, so pour chilled water in the bottle, then screw the charger holder adjoined with the siphon. Now shake it, and carbonated soda is ready to enjoy.

Can you recycle soda chargers?

Yes, you can recycle it.*

* check with your local authority for recycling rules.