What is Whip Cream Charger and How it Works?

Mar 11 , 2021

Prabhjeet Singh

What is Whip Cream Charger and How it Works?

When you need that perfect cupcake topping or smooth-textured cream on coffee, you should use whipped cream chargers. However, before you rush to buy cream chargers online, it is important to know more about the way they work to give you the desired quality of whip cream. Let us share a few words of wisdom with you.

What is a whip cream charger?

It is the versatile kitchen equipment that you can simply hold in your hand to use. You can fill up this siphon or dispenser with the desired liquids and flavours, along with whipping cream and powdered sugar. The cream chargers then dispense the pillow-textured, soft cream or pressurized foam for use in several recipes or to simply top and beautify the desserts.

As we talk of its construction, a whipped cream dispenser is like a sealed aluminium or stainless steel cylinder. You can get it in sizes ranging from one quarter to one litre. There is a gasket and head valve on top to keep the charger airtight. The foam is dispensed through a small opening in the head valve, where there are straight or tulip tips. Let us see how it all works.

How does a whipped cream charger work?

This cylinder or cartridge has the highly pressurized nitrous oxide N2O gas filled inside. When the user breaks a foil covering at the charger’s narrow end with the use of a sharp pin inside the dispenser, it allows the nitrous oxide gas to expand. Then, most of it ends up entering the dispenser, as well as rapidly entering the ingredients the user has added to the equipment.

How to use whipped cream chargers?

To get that fluffy blog of whip cream, you must use the charger the right way, as mentioned in the following steps.

  • With the dispenser lying flat, you should place all your ingredients inside.
  • Then, attach the head tightly. Make sure that you have added ingredients only up to the line marked for it. Do not overfill it.
  • Now, fix the charger properly by screwing it into the holder.
  • Twist the charger gently. It will soon give you a hissing sound of gas, showing that your equipment is ready for use.
  • Shake the bottle nicely to stir the ingredients. This will help the gas to mix up well with the meringue.
  • Finally, you can press it to get a serving of the delicious whipped cream.
  • When you have to clean the bottle, first ensure to discharge the pressure left inside it.

How to make whipped cream like Starbucks makes it?

As you have now learned to use a cream dispenser properly, you might want to know the secret behind the whip cream from Starbucks. Well, they also avoid hand whisking and use a full-size dispenser that gives almost double the output compared to any manual technique. Starbucks uses the 1 pint ISI Profi dispenser and one N20 charger.

The ingredients and their amounts are the remaining Starbucks secret you need. So, simply go for 1-pint heavy whipping cream and 8 teaspoons of vanilla syrup. Starbucks has also brought flavours like chocolate, espresso and raspberry if you want to replace vanilla with these.

Buy whip cream chargers online in New Zealand

If you are now wondering where to buy the 100% recyclable chargers in New Zealand, you can  order it online from Whip World.

On a concluding note, we suggest that before you buy cream chargers online, you should make sure that you understand their functioning and operation thoroughly. The whipped cream chargers are available in handy forms according to what fits your exact requirements.